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Dress progress

I was able to make some additional progress but I am also not able to finish my embroidery before the end of the deadline.


Cloak progress

I've finally been able to get back to working on my cloak. The baby has been taking most of my time, so progress has been slow. I have now finished both tails and a few bits of the knot. The picture doesn't show the longest piece of knot that was finished along the left side.
Needless to say, this will not be finished in December.


...some new progress :)

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire

...not very much progress but I think it looks not bad :)

...but now I am quite sure that I won't be able to finish my project before the end of the challenge deadline because it took me a rather long time to finish this piece of rather small embroidery *sigh*


Update progress :)

...and some more progress, but after I decided to fill all areas I am not sure if I can finish it before the end of december... :)



Well I've finally made some progress. I have all the fabric I need for the winter ID Viceregal Cloaks. I've cut out the two halves for each cloak, as well as, the sun and moon bits. I'm using this for my challenge as I do not normally do hand appliqué! I am going to try to just pin on the first sun and applique this on without a frame. I am doing this because it's what I'll have to do for the Laurel wreaths. I'm not sure how I'm going to get the Laurel wreaths cut out as I'm not an artist, in terms of drawing. I will probably rely on finding a decent image online and project this onto the fabric, as I've done in the past.

Here's hoping I am inspired to work on this again soon! I really want to have this done on time for the second deadline!

Wish me luck,


Something to keep you warm progress... :)

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire
...some new progress - neck embroidery for my blue 12th century dress with gathered body part...


Challenge Update

Greetings IDFAIG!
I have finally acquired all the materials I need for my challenge item. I have some lovely black and blue wool and gorgeous yellow linen. I will be making some warm winter cloaks for the ID Viceregal Couple. These are not meant to replace the lovely brocade cloaks, just to give a warmer option for cold days/nights.

I have the cloaks cut out, and the sun template made. I hope to get the suns cut out and begin appliqueing them on this weekend after Kingdom University. I hope to see many of you there. I will only be day tripping, and will spend much of my time in the 3 weaving related classes!



Cloak project

The last time I posted about the cloak I'm working on, the decision had yet to be made as to whether I was going to fill in the large design. We decided to fill in the cloak and now with some of it filled, I'm very happy about the decision. It's going to look great when finished. I just don't know how many years down the road that will be. I'm sure that with the baby due towards the end of the month, that my progress will be slowed down. Here is what it currently looks like:
The two heads:
These will be seen one over each shoulder on the front.

The tail:
I have only one tail finished at the moment and am working on the other. I'm finding that I don't like filling in circles with embroidery but now that the heads and this tail are finished, I only have the two circles on the other tail to do. After that, the stitching will be much straighter. These tails have been modified from the original design. My husband had decided that he likes these better than the original. They are quite similar to one of the tails in the original. The bit of red at the bottom of the picture is part of the neck carried over from the front of the cloak. The heads and tails aren't very far apart and were actually switched around from the original design to put the heads on the front of the cloak.

I like how following the outline of the design in my stitching has created a bit of a design within the heads and tail. It gives it a bit more distinction than just being a solid colour with no texture.

I realized after drawing the tails out that they don't really look like they fit the bits that lead out to them, but the original was like that too, it's just that the centre base of the tail is a bit more pronounced in this than the original.


Green Wool Gown

So here are the first photos from a Part of my hunting scene on the green Woolgown i made.They showing only the Conture right now.I don´t know,if I fill up the figures complete or if I make only some parts like the Gowns.I dont want to fill the horses.Also I cant finish it since December .I have not really enough time in the Moment with my mundane job to make some more embroidery.


My project went belly up

I solved my problem with the cotton wadding by using cosmetic cotton. Which I won't do again. Slippery stuff to put it mildly. Halfway through, my son outgrew the thing and I got involved in a few other insane sewing projects. The long and short of it is that I'll resume the project when and if I ever lay my hands on a more suitable cotton wadding. And the pride and joy stays the same size for more than 2 months.

I've switched projects to something that doesn't quite qualify me anymore. I started doing a life size part of an Icelandic altar frontal a few weeks ago. It's fast turning into a huge project along the lines of a bedspread or part of a section of a bedspread. Or possibly a fur lined sleeping bag for my son.

I've done versions of the stitch before, but not in this variety. So far I've spent as much time unpicking as I've spent stitching. The biggest hassle has been the colors. I have a fairly large selection of weaving yarns to choose from, but despite being able to buy plant dye shades......a lot of the green shades are a century or so too modern. In the end I figured a dark bluish green would be a better solution than a faded green. The aim is the vibrant possible colors of the 15thC, not the faded shades we usually see today.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the end results from the rest of you.


New deadline for the Challenge :)

Another month passed by and the end of the 'Something to keep you warm - Challenge' is fast approaching - I am very nosy looking forward to see the results of the projects for the challenge posted to the "Something to keep you warm" Challenge blog until the end of September, but it looks like some of our participants have not the time to finish their project until this deadline due to mundane live, work and other more important projects for themselves or the kingdom, therefore I propose to give all participatns a little more time to finish their projects till the end of this year - therefore a new deadline: December


Cloak pictures

I am finally able to post pictures of the cloak with the outlining finished.

It's being held a little crooked here, but you can see most of the design.

Here is what it looks like without being held out. It's a bit difficult to see what the design is.

The original plan was to fill the design using red silk. We now have the silk, but he is not sure if he wants it filled or not now that he's seen the outline. I decided to do a bit of a test to show him what it would look like. This is the test I finished this evening. I want him to see it in natural light before making any decision. I'm not sure myself what will look better, but I tend to lean towards filling it.


Cloak progress

I have finished the outlining of the design on Lutr's cloak. See my last post under the label Siubhan for pictures of the partially completed design. Once I find a way to connect my camera to my computer again, I will post pictures. I did remember to add tails to the poor beasts. In the picture of my last post, you can see the gap where it needed to be added extending through the outermost part of the design.
The decision has yet to be made as to whether I will fill the design with colour or leave it with just the outlining. I think either will look fine. The plan is to do a test piece to see what the filled pattern will look like.

Since the weather has been warm, I haven't felt like keeping the cloak on my lap to work on, so I've started my next project which is a pair of embroidered cuffs to go on another of my Persian robes. The fabric is a lovely blue wool. I'm using a fine silk for the embroidery. The design is actually a Turkish design, but I like it enough, that I'm not going to worry about putting a Turkish design on a Persian robe. Again, pictures to come.


dress for coronation finished :)

I finished the 12th century dress for coronation and I can add some small embroideries after the coronation and adjust the embroidery a little more (there was not enough time left to do also some couching - sorry)

the dress is lined and I really hope that the weather won't be to hot on Saturday or you will see me melting away - I am sure this dress will keep me really warm (also if the weather will get cooler)


Cloak progress

I feel like I haven't made much progress on this cloak lately but looking back through the posts, I haven't posted an update since shortly after I started all the outlining. I had hoped to have the outlining finished by Double Wars, but that didn't happen.

Here is the back of the cloak being held up by my husband. The finished half is the half somewhat angled away from the camera so you cannot see the design really well. I just didn't want to make him hold it very long to get the perfect picture.
You can see the red and blue stitching where I have yet to do the proper outlining. I have removed most of that temporary stitching where the outlining is finished. We've gone back to debating whether or not to fill in the design. The plan was to fill it with red.


...change of project...

...my dear ladies and friends - I am very sorry but I have to change my project again because I want to do some embroidery for the coronation dress of our Princess Fiona and because I think that I really need a more period looking dress for her coronation and therefore I am sure that I wont be able to finish Anya's Laurel Cloak before the deadline *sigh*

...ok, my new project is my dress for Fiona's coronation - because the bodypart and the sleeves are lined I think it will keep me very warm at Coronation and I hope that I will be able to finish at least the dress until Coronation and the embroidery for it at least before the deadline :)

I will count this dress also for my A&S50 challenge - 50 new things for the wardrobe :D

...and I promise you that I will try to finish Anya's Laurel Cloak and my Wallhanging also as soon as possible :)


I´m back

with a new projects.After all my Research for embroidery stockings ,I decide to make me something I can use in my Century.
I have make for me a green wool gown after a authentic Cotte pattern ,and I sew it all by hand.Racaire and Anya know,thats some new for me.The last gowns I sew ,I sew all by machine.I decide to embroider it with a Hunting Scene in differnt shades of green silk thread.I want to take the split stich for my embroider,but as I get the silk, I see I cant use it for the this.The silk I buy was from Madeira and it´s like Ancor/Mez/Dmc embroidery thread.Is have 6 threads and I have no whole thread I can split.So I will look these day for another Stich I can use ,that I not know ,or not use so often.I will embroider the Conture of the Human and fill up some pieces by the horses or the trees completly

Here are the first photos of the gown and the hunting scene



I have to shorten the Sleeves:-)they are a little bit to long

hunting scene

On the Sleeves I embroider Acornleaves and Acorns.The Acorns self I will embroider with silver thread

Lovely Greetings Alenn


Cloak update

I've made some progress on my husband's cloak. Here is a picture with him wearing it. The heads don't quite line up, but that's just because it's on slightly crooked. I've outlined the two heads as they wrap over the shoulders. It took 3.5-4 hours to outline one head including the neck to where it meets the rest of the knot. I'm using 2/12 silk in yellow for the outlining and will be filling it with red silk of the same size. It will all be done in a chain stitch. He has decided (after I ordered the silk from the States) that he wants them to have blue eyes. I'll have to come up with some way of doing that. I may just use my finer silk that I have rather than placing a new order.
Now to continue the outlining. I was hoping to have the outlining finished for when we go to Double Wars, but I think that is quite unlikely now.