...btw. if someone of you still would like to make a quilt - I found at the Flickr page of Jane Stockton a beautiful picture of a part of the Tristan Quilt - lovely!
Many thanks to Jane for sharing this picture :)

Update 21.09.2007:
Thanks to Fotos von Medieval and Renaissance - V&A for sharing this beautiful picture :)
Yis Racaire


Laren said...


I can't take credit for that image, it was actually posted by someone associated with the V & A Museum, who hold that particular quilt. I just bookmarked it!


Laren said...


If you want really good images of this quilt, you can now order high resolution images from the V & A for free.

You need to sign up to there website. Once you are logged in, as you use the search engine to find images, just under the right hand bottom corner is a link saying: Order High Res Image.

Click on the link. It will then add it to your order. Once you've finished adding the images you want, you use the left hand navigation bar to view your order. Then follow the instructions. It will then send you a link to a page to download the high resolution images.

The first time I used it, it sent the link to me via email. But the second time it didn't. If you don't get the link within a few hours, you can view the order by clicking on Recent Order History. Click on the order number, and the link will come up.

If you search by Museum Number of 1391-1904 the quilt should come up straight away.

Email or IM me if you have problems.


Gunvor said...

There is also this pdf file with photoes and pattern drawings;


Racaire said...

very cool link!
thank you very much!