for Anna's project

I had a look through all my books but I have only found one period example of a "Steppdecke" that could maybe useful for you:
copyright by the book: "Das Stickereiwerk"

"169 'Coperta Guicciardini', Steppdecke (Ausschnitt)
Sizilien gegen 1400
Florenz, Museo Nazionale (Palazzo Davanzati) und London, Victoria and Albert Museum (1391-1904)
205x256 cm und 310x270, Größe des Ausschnitts (Florenz) 105 x 75cm
Die jetzt zweigeteilte Decke zeigt in rechteckigen Feldern Szenen aus dem Leben Tristans. - Doppelte Leinwand. Die Zeichnung mit Steppstich ist in nun bräunlichen Leinenfäden genäht, Grund ausgefüllt mit dichten Reihen kleiner weißer Vorstiche.
Lit.: L. Morelli, Un trapunto trecentesco: Dedalo, Anno II 1921/22 S.70"



Anna said...

The tristan cover. Thank you! Many people are referring to this (mainly because there's nothing else I suppose). I fear, I won't use it, it's a bit to difficult for me I have to confess. But in general - yes, I am looking for a source for sth. like this just without quiltet pictures but with quilted lines / geometric patterns.
Thanks again for looking it up! :)

Anya said...

oh, too bad! I've been wanting to make this one forever! I would have chosen it for the project but after the wallhanging i cant face another huge project. If any of you decide to make this, please please please keep me posted on your progress!

Maeva said...

Hej !
Do a search on "Trapunto" as quilting technique that seemed to have been especially popular in 15th/16th century Italy. There is one extant example of a 16th century German quilt created by a similar method. It has a honeycomb-pattern with little mythical creatures in each center and I -think- it's hosted in the Victoria Albert
Good luck !
-Maeva Eiriksdottir
formerly Aventiure-Drachenwald, now Castlemere-Trimaris

Machteld said...

George made a copy of a part of it, take a look at the pictures and tutorial here: