here I am again (Alenn)

Racaire persuaded me to take part in the Challenge,too. I dont know what I want to make yet,and I think I will not decide it before University. After that I'll start new with projects and then I will show what I found for the documentation of what I'd like to make .Racaire and I discussed Embroidered Stockings ,but I haven´t found anything about them. I asked Giano and Kate from my shire ,and neither know more than me. There's a page where I found something , which also tells many things from the book "Textiles and Clothing"


The second one, I think, was about was a flemish hood,but Racaire is making one ,too.
The next problem is that I use most medieval authentic stiches ,so there was nothing new for me. I found last time a technique which is called " armenian embroidery" ,and I'd like to test it .The works they show on the site are really great, and I'm also thinking about to making a blanket, but I also think it´s too much for my arm at the moment . Nothing is very easy at this time


So I like to ask
Does anyone have an idea where I can find something more about stockings with embroidery

or do you think i should test the armenian embroidery ??

oh,I´m sorry ..I forget my introduction ...
My Name is Alenn von Horn ,and I come from the Shire of the Two seas in Hamburg ,Germany. I'm
not new in the Shire ,but in the SCA .I have embroidered and sewn my whole life long, and since joining the Shire I do a bit more than before . At the moment, I'm working on different A&S Projects, also for both my classes at University. After this I can think about beginning my project for the challenge. My English ist not so good ,but I hope everybody will understand me. Please feel free to ask me anything

Yours Alenn

Edited by Anya for grammar (upon request)

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