Lost was found!!

It was 5:40pm at work and I only had 20 minutes left. I thought, "Well, I can check out a couple more websites." And there was the painting I had lost!!! http://www.sca.org.au/st_florians/university/library/articles-howtos/heraldry/HeraldicFrocksS.htm Surcoats are near the bottom, but this is where I'm getting my start!
It's very exciting to see what everyone is planning and can't wait to see the various stages of completion. Good luck to all and happy stitching!!


Anya said...

Love it Tarynn! by the way, Racaire, in image 32 you can see an embroidered cotehardie...I know you've been looking for images!

Racaire said...

Thanks for the link Taryn :), thanks for the hint Anya :)