My project

Well I am going to try something new for me. I plan on doing a dark grey woolen tunic with red and gold embroiderey on the hem, cuffs, and yoke. As I told Anya, since I have never done sewing before I suppose any stitch I use will be a new one :)


Anya said...

Did you get the links I emailed you on Viking embroidery?

Cristina said...

Excellent project! Usefull and beautiful (embroidered clothes always are).

Embroidery is always a nice project at events, infront of the tv...
Next thing you know - you'll be sitting there with your yarns planning a wallhanging... (or maby something less timeconsuming). :)

tarynmaeve said...

I'm a newbie too! This sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see pics.