I made a second post tonight ,the other one is long enough

I will do Armenian embroidery on my new orange wool gown that I wore at Nibelungen War. It´s plain at the moment and so it´s a good chance to test the technique.
I can ask about some history of the embroidery technique and have all the materials for it here

I think it´s a good decision.

Greetz Alenn

Edited by Anya for grammar (upon request)


Racaire said...

Armenian embroidery sounds interesting - I didn't do it till now and therefore I am looking to see your research and your project :)

Racaire said...

btw. you can also make both - an embroidered gown and a hood

Jahanarabanu said...

This sounds like a wonderful project. What time period will your Armenian embroidery be from and what stitches are you using?
I have a 7th C Persian persona, so geographically we are very close!