Quick introduction

Hello everyone, this is Cristina blogging from southern Nordmark. My project will be a wool bedspread done with intarsia. I just came back from a weekend in Stockholm where I visited the Museum of National Antiquities and got to look at their beautiful intarsia-work!

The bedspread will have two main functions; a new bedspread for our bed at home and something to cover the bed (and keep us warm) in the tent at Wisby Medieval Week (a 9-day long event in August which we visited for the 6th time this year!). This means the project needs to be finished well before August next year... better start with the research! :)


Racaire said...

Intarsia is a very interesting technique I haven't done till now - I am very looking forward to see what you research and pictures of your progress! :)

Eilgri said...

I wen to the museum last week also, and was facinated with the intarsia. Are you going to make an exact copy of it or are you going for your own design?


Cristina said...

I'm going for a similar design but probably diferent types of animals. Love the colors so I'll keep them as long as I find the apropriate farics.