quilts for anna

Hi Anna!

here are links to a bunch of different medieval quilts--the first one is the best



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Anna said...

Cool! Thanks a lot for the research! Two of the three I've already seen, but the first link is nice too!
Unfortunately I think, all of this is a bit ... erm ... to big for me. I thought about a plain simple design, but can't find evidence for these quilts so far.
Anyway, I have two more options to do. The one is a so called "Helgoländer", which I only know from my garb book and am looking for evidence for the renaissance yet. It looks similar to this ""Flutterhut": http://www.heimatverein-conneforde.de/bild_vt_gr3.htm
The other one is a rain garb, which can be worn at good weather too, I have at least one source from the 19th century, which dates it to 1600: