Taryn's possible project

Hi all! I'm Taryn from the shire of Silfren Mere in the Kingdom of Northshield. My thought is to try for a new sideless surcoat. The top will be fur and the skirt embroidered with cups and jewels from my personal device. I know I found pictures out on the web to support these elements, but do you think I can find them now?! I could have sworn I had them saved in my favorites, but I guess I should stop swearing because they're not there now. So it's back to the drawing board to find this stuff. Will keep you posted and looking forward to seeing what everybody else is working on!


Anya said...

yay! Taryn's on board!

Keep reminding me and I'll scan and email you some images from my books

(uh, Racaire, you too. Fiona, you too :-))

I need alot of reminding these weeks, but just keep on me about it :-)

Racaire said...

I am looking forward to seeing more of your project.