What to make ?

Frankly, I have no idea what so ever of what to make. My son wants me to sew pictures on his viking clothes, but that can get a bit boring if I'm going to stick with historically correct . He wants chinese dragons btw.

As we only have reenactment groups here in Norway, my choice of timeframe is a bit limited and mid 17thC is out of period. It's viking or early 15thC unless I do another period just because I want to.

So I think I'll start out with a quilted silk purpoint for my son. And possibly a silkdress with gold/silver/pearls/silkfloss.... for me. Finally something other than the work outfit to wear to a market.



Racaire said...

Welcome to the challenge! :)
I am very looking forward to see more about your project :)

Anya said...

sounds great! Do please keep in mind, however, that this project is just as much about documentation and research as it is about embroidering something warm... If you need resources I'd be happy to help you with the research bit...

Gunvor said...

Research is always a pleasure, finishing the project I stated as a result of the research is seldom quite as erm... fun.

I'm busy tracking down a danish book about the Mammen outfit atm . It will be reprinted, but I don't know when.