Racaire's project

ok, the last weekend I was surprised with my main 'Something to keep you warm'-Project - maybe some of you know that Anya become a Laurel last weekend and now I am planning her Laurel-cloak and its embroidery - it looks like I have to learn a lot about Byzantine/Russian cloaks and their embroidery now.


Katharina said...

Great idea :-)
I'm sure it involves lots of gold embroidery... If you have any questions ;-))

Racaire said...

...at the moment it looks more like Anya will get rid of a lot of pearls *lol*

Rebecca said...

There is a book that may be helpful if you haven't already seen it:

'Russian Embroidery and Lace' by L. Yefimova (London: Thames & Hudson, 1987) ISBN: 0500013586

It is ecclesiastic embroidery, however it does have pre-16th century examples.

There is also some information on Russian womens' cloaks here
and pictures of Russian women from artwork wearing cloaks as well.

I hope this information helps!

Racaire said...

Thank you very much for your hint :)