I made a second post tonight ,the other one is long enough

I will do Armenian embroidery on my new orange wool gown that I wore at Nibelungen War. It´s plain at the moment and so it´s a good chance to test the technique.
I can ask about some history of the embroidery technique and have all the materials for it here

I think it´s a good decision.

Greetz Alenn

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here I am again (Alenn)

Racaire persuaded me to take part in the Challenge,too. I dont know what I want to make yet,and I think I will not decide it before University. After that I'll start new with projects and then I will show what I found for the documentation of what I'd like to make .Racaire and I discussed Embroidered Stockings ,but I haven´t found anything about them. I asked Giano and Kate from my shire ,and neither know more than me. There's a page where I found something , which also tells many things from the book "Textiles and Clothing"


The second one, I think, was about was a flemish hood,but Racaire is making one ,too.
The next problem is that I use most medieval authentic stiches ,so there was nothing new for me. I found last time a technique which is called " armenian embroidery" ,and I'd like to test it .The works they show on the site are really great, and I'm also thinking about to making a blanket, but I also think it´s too much for my arm at the moment . Nothing is very easy at this time


So I like to ask
Does anyone have an idea where I can find something more about stockings with embroidery

or do you think i should test the armenian embroidery ??

oh,I´m sorry ..I forget my introduction ...
My Name is Alenn von Horn ,and I come from the Shire of the Two seas in Hamburg ,Germany. I'm
not new in the Shire ,but in the SCA .I have embroidered and sewn my whole life long, and since joining the Shire I do a bit more than before . At the moment, I'm working on different A&S Projects, also for both my classes at University. After this I can think about beginning my project for the challenge. My English ist not so good ,but I hope everybody will understand me. Please feel free to ask me anything

Yours Alenn

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Embroidered Headdresses :)

Urspr√ľnglich hochgeladen von racaire
...my yahoo account thought it would be a good idea to move my photos (ok, only 1 photo *lol*) from yahoo to flickr and therefore I registered for a flickr account and now, one month later, I know that this was a really good idea :)

...ok, for my project I was looking for pictures of embroidered gugls/ headdresses and here they are:

...and because I want to decorate the gugl with some bells I also was looking for some pictures of bells and here they are:

...and because an embroidered dress would be also very fine:


Well after being very cold at an event in Wales, my next project was always going to be cloaks for myself and my lord, so the opportunity to join in this project seemed fantastic! No major research done yet so the stitches that I use are dependant on that, I shall let you know as soon as I do!


thanks Anya, I got the links. I can only post to the blog from work, for some reason I can't see the blog at work. weird. Anyway thanks and I will look at what you are all doing when I can at home.



by the way....

we forgot to mention:
"And keep in mind that the challenge isn't
limited to one item per person,
if you've got the motivation feel free to make more!"
Text added today :)

Lost was found!!

It was 5:40pm at work and I only had 20 minutes left. I thought, "Well, I can check out a couple more websites." And there was the painting I had lost!!! http://www.sca.org.au/st_florians/university/library/articles-howtos/heraldry/HeraldicFrocksS.htm Surcoats are near the bottom, but this is where I'm getting my start!
It's very exciting to see what everyone is planning and can't wait to see the various stages of completion. Good luck to all and happy stitching!!

My project

Well I am going to try something new for me. I plan on doing a dark grey woolen tunic with red and gold embroiderey on the hem, cuffs, and yoke. As I told Anya, since I have never done sewing before I suppose any stitch I use will be a new one :)