Anya's cloak - first steps :)

Katharina already sent some beautiful pearls and I bought some via eBay (about 1 week before I got to know that I really would need them *lol* :)
Anya, Fiona & Bridget promised to send more pearls :)
~ dear gentle reader of this blog,
if you find some pearls you would like to donate,
please don't hesitate to let me know :D ~
Today I pre-washed the red merino wool fabric for Anya's cloak (washing machine: wool, 30°C) and I think it will take about 2-3 days for drying

Because of the amount of thread I will need in relation to the money I can afford for this project after buying a lot of pearls, I decided to buy some of the "Lana Grossa - Basics hp No.31 - Color 30 Partie 3050" - the thread I normally use for my embroidery projects (except for the wallhanging) - about 115 m per ball of wool and because I can split the thread in 3 thinner threads, I have a total of about 340m per ball and I think that's a very good deal for about €2,70 per ball - the wool shop had only 2 balls left, but with my ball of wool I will have enough wool until the shop gets a new delivery :)
Ok, it's Cotton but the color is very beautiful and bright and the thread is not as sensitive as wool thread concerning care or working with it. I made a small sample - Satin Stitch - using different threads and this was the thread with the best looking result :)

Update 24.12.2007:
Many thanks to Mistress Bridget & Lady Fiona for the pearls that arrived today :)