Anya's cloak - first steps :)

I started today with the embroidery of the first roundel for Anya's cloak :)
...and I made some pictures of the pearls I collected till now:

...from the left to the right side: pearls sent by Bridget (not real pearls but they will be perfect for the gloves), Katharina (the colorful ones), Fiona and finally my own pearls on the very right side - you are great my dear friends!!! ...and many thanks for plundering your treasuries :)

Alenn, Odi, Halfdan, Drago, Ruven and Kasssa donated some money and ordered some pearls for Anya's cloak and as soon as they arrive they will forward them to me - thank you soooooo very much - you really rock! :D
I am still waiting for the pearls Anya wanted to send me but she seems to be very busy at the moment and I don't want to bother her with this.

...btw. if you find some pearls that you would like to donate, please don't hesitate to write me a comment here or an eMail :)

...ok, I hope I will soon have a photo of the first embroidered roundel for you :)

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