My husband decided he needed a new cloak. Then he asked if I would be willing to embroider something on it. I figured he would want something embroidered on the front shoulders to flank the clasp or perhaps something embroidered along the cloak opening, so I said 'sure'. He wanted something Celtic, so I handed him my book on designs from the Book of Kells. I think that was the problem. He ended up choosing three patterns, all of which would cover most of the back of the cloak. ACK!
Since I either love my husband very much or am a glutton for punishment, we finally decided to place a modified version of this pattern (the original being probably less than an inch in width):

With the help of Jahanarabanu we modified the pattern so that the heads of the serpents/dragons would come up over the shoulder of the cloak. We have not yet transferred the design to the cloak, so I'm sure that there will be a bit of further adjusting.
The cloak is black or very dark blue wool. My plan is to outline the whole thing in yellow silk and then fill it with red silk. I plan to use a chain stitch for all parts of this.

I fear that this may not qualify for this challenge, as I probably cannot document this kind of design on a cloak, especially for his time period and place (early period German). I also will not be using any new stitches. I had already planned this project before I heard of the challenge.

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