Cloak update

I've finally managed to start my 'Something to keep you warm project'. Jahanarabanu was kind enough to help me get the pattern from the computer onto my husband's cloak. This is the back of the (very heavy) cloak being held up by me. We used Jahanarabanu's projector and a bit of chalk.
She had also been so kind as to alter the pattern for me so that it would fit a bit better onto the cloak. This included swapping the heads and tails of the serpents to put the heads in a useful position.

The second picture shows where the heads of the serpents have been moved to be over the shoulders.
There is a bit of extra line where I had originally marked where the head should go.

Because it is impressive how quickly chalk lines can disappear, my first priority was to then do a long running stitch over the lines to make them more permanent. This will be easy to remove as I do the actual embroidery. I used whatever thread I had to hand to mark the lines.

Here I was going back with a different thread colour and altering some of the lines. Unfortunately, the cloak was not up against the wall for drawing on and despite Jahanarabanu's great attempts to hold a box behind the cloak for me to write against, the very act of placing the chalk against the fabric altered where the pattern sat. I also wasn't able to do the entire pattern this way, so I have yet to add both tails to the pattern but I have altered all the lines on one half, including changing the lines that form the neck of the serpents so that they would meet the heads at their new location. That makes the one half ready to stitch apart from the missing tail.

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Racaire said...

Wow! Great! I am very looking forward to see more pictures of your progress!