Cloak update

I've made some progress on my husband's cloak. Here is a picture with him wearing it. The heads don't quite line up, but that's just because it's on slightly crooked. I've outlined the two heads as they wrap over the shoulders. It took 3.5-4 hours to outline one head including the neck to where it meets the rest of the knot. I'm using 2/12 silk in yellow for the outlining and will be filling it with red silk of the same size. It will all be done in a chain stitch. He has decided (after I ordered the silk from the States) that he wants them to have blue eyes. I'll have to come up with some way of doing that. I may just use my finer silk that I have rather than placing a new order.
Now to continue the outlining. I was hoping to have the outlining finished for when we go to Double Wars, but I think that is quite unlikely now.

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Racaire said...

I am very looking forward to see photos of the next progress :)