Well I've finally made some progress. I have all the fabric I need for the winter ID Viceregal Cloaks. I've cut out the two halves for each cloak, as well as, the sun and moon bits. I'm using this for my challenge as I do not normally do hand appliqué! I am going to try to just pin on the first sun and applique this on without a frame. I am doing this because it's what I'll have to do for the Laurel wreaths. I'm not sure how I'm going to get the Laurel wreaths cut out as I'm not an artist, in terms of drawing. I will probably rely on finding a decent image online and project this onto the fabric, as I've done in the past.

Here's hoping I am inspired to work on this again soon! I really want to have this done on time for the second deadline!

Wish me luck,

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Racaire said...

keep my fingers crossed that you can finish it in time.