Cloak update

I've made some progress on my husband's cloak. Here is a picture with him wearing it. The heads don't quite line up, but that's just because it's on slightly crooked. I've outlined the two heads as they wrap over the shoulders. It took 3.5-4 hours to outline one head including the neck to where it meets the rest of the knot. I'm using 2/12 silk in yellow for the outlining and will be filling it with red silk of the same size. It will all be done in a chain stitch. He has decided (after I ordered the silk from the States) that he wants them to have blue eyes. I'll have to come up with some way of doing that. I may just use my finer silk that I have rather than placing a new order.
Now to continue the outlining. I was hoping to have the outlining finished for when we go to Double Wars, but I think that is quite unlikely now.


Anya's cloak - 5th roundel :)

...and again some new progress :)

(now I only need about 9 to 11 other roundels)


New Project

As I posted on the main page. I realized, thanks to HE Siubhan, that my original project, did not really fit the challenge. Fortunately, I had promised Salonge that I would embroidery an element of her heraldry on a cloak. We cut the cloak out the same night we cut out the massive cloak that HE Siubhan is embroidering! Althoguh she has her design on already, I think I can still finish before she does, as I'm probably only outlining and my embroidery will be a much smaller design!
I have decided on split stitch, a.k.a. opus anglicanum. According to several sites, including the West Kingdom Needlworkers spit stitch article, this stitch was very popular in France during the 15th Century. As Salonge's persona is based in modern day France during the 1400's this seems and appropriate stitch to use on her cloak!
Now it's just a matter of deciding how much I need to enlarge the pattern she gave me, getting it on the cloak and deciding on the thread to use! Then I can get started and hopefully finish in time for Viceroy, along with my 2nd blue linen sleeve, and weaving prizes for the Viceroy A&S Competition!


Cloak update

I've finally managed to start my 'Something to keep you warm project'. Jahanarabanu was kind enough to help me get the pattern from the computer onto my husband's cloak. This is the back of the (very heavy) cloak being held up by me. We used Jahanarabanu's projector and a bit of chalk.
She had also been so kind as to alter the pattern for me so that it would fit a bit better onto the cloak. This included swapping the heads and tails of the serpents to put the heads in a useful position.

The second picture shows where the heads of the serpents have been moved to be over the shoulders.
There is a bit of extra line where I had originally marked where the head should go.

Because it is impressive how quickly chalk lines can disappear, my first priority was to then do a long running stitch over the lines to make them more permanent. This will be easy to remove as I do the actual embroidery. I used whatever thread I had to hand to mark the lines.

Here I was going back with a different thread colour and altering some of the lines. Unfortunately, the cloak was not up against the wall for drawing on and despite Jahanarabanu's great attempts to hold a box behind the cloak for me to write against, the very act of placing the chalk against the fabric altered where the pattern sat. I also wasn't able to do the entire pattern this way, so I have yet to add both tails to the pattern but I have altered all the lines on one half, including changing the lines that form the neck of the serpents so that they would meet the heads at their new location. That makes the one half ready to stitch apart from the missing tail.