I´m back

with a new projects.After all my Research for embroidery stockings ,I decide to make me something I can use in my Century.
I have make for me a green wool gown after a authentic Cotte pattern ,and I sew it all by hand.Racaire and Anya know,thats some new for me.The last gowns I sew ,I sew all by machine.I decide to embroider it with a Hunting Scene in differnt shades of green silk thread.I want to take the split stich for my embroider,but as I get the silk, I see I cant use it for the this.The silk I buy was from Madeira and it´s like Ancor/Mez/Dmc embroidery thread.Is have 6 threads and I have no whole thread I can split.So I will look these day for another Stich I can use ,that I not know ,or not use so often.I will embroider the Conture of the Human and fill up some pieces by the horses or the trees completly

Here are the first photos of the gown and the hunting scene



I have to shorten the Sleeves:-)they are a little bit to long

hunting scene

On the Sleeves I embroider Acornleaves and Acorns.The Acorns self I will embroider with silver thread

Lovely Greetings Alenn