...change of project...

...my dear ladies and friends - I am very sorry but I have to change my project again because I want to do some embroidery for the coronation dress of our Princess Fiona and because I think that I really need a more period looking dress for her coronation and therefore I am sure that I wont be able to finish Anya's Laurel Cloak before the deadline *sigh*

...ok, my new project is my dress for Fiona's coronation - because the bodypart and the sleeves are lined I think it will keep me very warm at Coronation and I hope that I will be able to finish at least the dress until Coronation and the embroidery for it at least before the deadline :)

I will count this dress also for my A&S50 challenge - 50 new things for the wardrobe :D

...and I promise you that I will try to finish Anya's Laurel Cloak and my Wallhanging also as soon as possible :)