Cloak progress

I have finished the outlining of the design on Lutr's cloak. See my last post under the label Siubhan for pictures of the partially completed design. Once I find a way to connect my camera to my computer again, I will post pictures. I did remember to add tails to the poor beasts. In the picture of my last post, you can see the gap where it needed to be added extending through the outermost part of the design.
The decision has yet to be made as to whether I will fill the design with colour or leave it with just the outlining. I think either will look fine. The plan is to do a test piece to see what the filled pattern will look like.

Since the weather has been warm, I haven't felt like keeping the cloak on my lap to work on, so I've started my next project which is a pair of embroidered cuffs to go on another of my Persian robes. The fabric is a lovely blue wool. I'm using a fine silk for the embroidery. The design is actually a Turkish design, but I like it enough, that I'm not going to worry about putting a Turkish design on a Persian robe. Again, pictures to come.